The Peacock Butterfly: Redux

The Peacock Butterfly Redux: Second Chances follows Nena and Ben Hicks as they navigate their worlds after their divorce and their daughter Becky launches a life of her own. From the 1990s through the first decade of the new millennium, they experience the horrors of another war, the toppling of the World Trade Center, and another real estate crises while attempting to rebuild their lives from the devastation of Ben’s fall from grace. Journey and dine with old and new characters in this second chronicle of the Meyer, Stewart, Hicks, and Stark families and their travels from the United States, to the UK, France, Italy, and Egypt. Mixing history, romance, travel, and the love of food and family, in the end The Peacock Butterfly Redux: Second Chances focuses on those who overcome adversity and find life’s purpose.

This is the sequel to J.V. Lamotte’s The Peacock Butterfly and is her second novel.

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