The Peacock Butterfly

In the era of shock and awe literature, movies, and television, The Peacock Butterfly returns readers to a more nuanced time.

This vintage contemporary fiction takes the reader through a landscape of comfort food and fine dining, with backdrops of New York, Boston, London, Paris, and the small towns of New Canaan, CT, and Concord, MA. Through all of this, the story follows the Hicks family of New Canaan, and the Meyer family of Concord through three generations of well-researched history.

From World War II to the Savings and Loan Crisis of the 80s, we take part in the struggles of a son trying to live up to his mother’s expectations, an interfaith marriage before they were accepted in society, and the hollow feeling left behind by deceit.

Eventually, however, we discover what someone dear to Nena Hicks once told her, “When dreams do not come true, you make new ones.”

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